March 20, 2007

My grid

Too bad that Subtraction didn't win Best Blog Design. To me, it really stands out as very different and more well thought out than the other nominees—no gradients, drop shadows, or mirrored text; strong grid that supports all elements on the site; black and white (yeah!). Besides that, it's really the only blog from the nominees that I faithfully check out.

And inspired by a recent post on grids and web design, I'm posting here the grid I used for this site.

my grid

The blog is (so far) fairly simple. I decided on a two-column layout based on the Golden Ratio of 5:3 (close enough, right?). I've got a total of 9 units making up the two columns. It's a fixed size designed for at least a 1024x768 resolution. I really didn't want the main content column to exceed 500 pixels wide (which I find to be a comfortable reading width), and I wanted to maintain the Golden Ratio as much as I could. If in the future, I decide that it needs to be updated to accommodate different content, then maybe I'll also make it a flexible size. For now, I think this looks just fine.

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