March 7, 2007

My LastFM profile's feeling a bit Toe heavy. The newest album that I have ("The Book about My Idle Plot...") is great workin' music.

But my Overall Top Artists list reflects my other favorite records of 2006: Dabrye's "Two/Three" is just amazing. That's it. Boards of Canada's "Trans Canada Highway" is a tasty snack between what hopes to be full-length releases, but I mostly liked the Dayvan Cowboy video. I'm also listening to the Battles record a lot, but I'm undecided on it. I'm starting to think that they're better live.

In other music news:

Asmeias live

Update: I forgot to mention probably the funnest music find of 2006, and he doesn't get enough attention on my LastFM profile. Flying Lotus

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