March 7, 2007

Muji in New York. Once a staple in our life in Tokyo, now a project for New York. Damn, why didn't they open when we were living there?

Actually, their PR department told my wife that they didn't have plans of opening in the US for fear of the competition. Muji has much better design than most of the reasonably priced stores here in the US, but they fear that they won't be able to sell to American consumers who are used to the big, bright products of Ikea and Target. True, Muji has a more quiet aesthetic, but I think that it will appeal to many people here. And if that doesn't work, they can just remind people that they're Japanese. That never fails to garner attention with American kids these days.

One thing we probably won't be seeing at Muji NY is their glasses department. I picked up a pair at their store in Yurakucho last December that I'm totally digging. The only hard part was deciding which design to get.

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